This is the example that we measure the latency of the content server IP which resolved by the public DNS Server. The concept it simple that we measure the latency. For the further development, we will auto the measurement process by accessing the domain content header to determine the actual access processing time.The following is the measurement of the top 10 domain name for reference.

ISP: 1
----01/26/2021 12:00:01 am ----

DNS ServerDomainIPLowest LatencyAS 21.855 AS36647 15.553 AS15169 4.910 AS20940 5.090 AS32934 14.398 AS15169 4.494 AS55967 46.669 AS13414 3.621 AS32934 3.493 AS16509 2.605 AS20940 3.884 AS54113 2.877 AS20940 3.621 AS8068 3.733 AS8075